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Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Today, it’s all about making human connections in a digital world. 1218 Global consultants lead you through creating your company’s vision for Digital Transformation. Then, we’ll guide you through implementing and integrating Bullhorn digital technology into all areas of your business to create memorable digital experiences for your customers, candidates and employees.


Program Management and Business Consulting

Our Senior Leadership Consultants with years of Staffing Industry expertise can be an extension of your company. We’ll help you make your strategic technology and business decisions, then oversee and manage your projects to ensure the strategy is delivered the way you envisioned.



1218 Global Consultants have a combined more than 150 years of experience in the Staffing Industry. We know what it takes to run a Staffing company. We’ll help you optimize your operations with best industry practices to streamline the manual activities associated with recruitment and onboarding, matching to jobs, processing timesheets and invoicing clients. 1218 Global gives you visibility and insights you can use to optimize your processes, profitability and overall business results.



1218 Global employs an implementation methodology focused on being an advisor and not solely an implementer. We bring our years of Staffing Industry experience to every step of your implementation, focusing on the key success factors. Your business and technology strategies drive the primary objectives when we design and implement your solution. We ensure you can quickly source candidates, match open jobs to your talent, pay and bill correctly with a fully integrated Bullhorn powered end-to end solution.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Regardless of the Bullhorn product you implement, it’s likely to require your valuable data be migrated from your legacy system to your new Bullhorn system. Our consultants work closely with your stakeholders to identify the important data to be moved. Our skilled and efficient data migration experts recognize the importance of your legacy information and treat it with the care needed to ensure its available to you in your new systems.



You are trusting 1218 Global with your Bullhorn implementation. That often means we are working with your legacy systems that may require integration or interfaces with your new Bullhorn products. We have experience across many product platforms giving us the expertise to develop integrations and interfaces between your legacy tools and Bullhorn products. Ask us about our capabilities and examples of the integrations we have performed. You can rely on us to make the connections that ensure your operations run smoothly end-to-end.



Your business, no matter the size, may have unique challenges not completely covered in a delivered software system. 1218 Global can design, build and implement a variety of custom solutions. Ask us about the designs we have created for our Clients’ Bullhorn projects.

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