We offer customized technology services to help you create great digital experiences.


1218 is the authorized reseller partner for Freshworks suite of products. We manage the complex operations of your company in one go, down to the simplest.

Oracle Managed Services

All our products are affordable, quick to implement, and designed for the end-user. So your IT, customer service, sales, marketing, and HR teams can effortlessly create delightful experiences at scale.


Digital Transformation

Today, it’s all about making human connections in a digital world. 1218 Global consultants lead you through creating your company’s vision for Digital Transformation. Then, we’ll guide you through implementing and integrating Bullhorn digital technology into all areas of your business to create memorable digital experiences for your customers, candidates and employees.



You are trusting 1218 Global with your Oracle implementation. That often means we are working with your legacy systems that may require integration or interfaces with your new Freshworks products. We have experience across many product platforms giving us the expertise to develop integrations and interfaces between your legacy tools and Freshworks products. Ask us about our capabilities and examples of the integrations we have performed. You can rely on us to make the connections that ensure your operations run smoothly end-to-end.



Your business, no matter the size, may have unique challenges not completely covered in a delivered software system. 1218 Global can design, build and implement a variety of custom solutions. Ask us about the designs we have created for our Clients’ Bullhorn projects.


Data Migration

Move your data to your Oracle product without limitations. From contacts to notes, import both default and custom fields from your old CRM. Our static mapping makes matching fields to relevant entities in Freshworks easy implement and without any manual effort.



Our experts will identify areas for improvement and partner with your team to quickly roll out a successful solution. Such as In-depth analysis, Enhancement recommendations, Hands-on assistance and Training for long-term success.


Program Management and Business Consulting

We help to transform operations of your organization from improving efficiency of your task processes to create smart functions with intelligent workflows -capable of finding, connecting and analyzing data to uncover deep insights that can inform intelligent decisions. We partner with clients to advise and manage end-to-end processes.


Migration to OCI

Oracle offers a wide range of migration services to optimize usage of Oracle technology. Tools, resources, and proven best practices, 1218 Global provide support for migrating from legacy or non-Oracle technologies to Oracle. Oracle migrations services and products offer customers cost-optimized and high-performance versions of Oracle migration, multi-model management system.

Move petabyte-scale datasets to or from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in days instead of weeks or months. There is no cost to transfer data with Oracle’s data transfer service for data export outbound networking fees are applied.



We at 1218 Global bring together all the capabilities of Integration, Process Automation, Visual Application Building and Integration Analytics into a single unified cloud service. Oracle Integration brings real-time and batch-based integration, structured and unstructured processes, case management, stream analytics and integration insight allowing our customers to service all their end-to-end integration needs in one cohesive platform.


Implementation and upgrade

1218 Global provides solutions to every business needs. Rapid flow’s expertise in business functional areas and in-depth Oracle applications knowledge enables us to develop scalable solutions for complex business problems by deploying these applications rapidly. It’s a business flow based Rapid Implementation Methodology that guarantees, quick ROI by accelerating solution deployment and reducing implementation time and cost. We help our clients to upgrade their Oracle system in a flexible and cost-effective way.


Digital transformation

1218 Global responses out the increasing vast amounts of data and the need for ever-expanding capabilities to manage, analyse, and process the data. IoT, AI, and machine learning have offered even more sophisticated technology options for organizations seeking to transform their operations to create better outcomes. Virtual and augmented reality, along with video analytics-based technologies, are part of the mix of innovative capabilities contributing to widespread digital transformation.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning involves strategizing, planning, deploying appropriate technology, and continuous testing. Maintaining backups of your data is a critical component of disaster recovery planning, but a backup and recovery process alone does not constitute a full disaster recovery plan. 1218 DRP solution also involves ensuring that adequate storage and compute is available to maintain robust failover and failback procedures.


Product Offering


Empowering finance with flexibility & innovation


Cloud native HR solution


One solution for every part of the business.

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